Readers' comments

What they say about it and what they think of it.

"A book that takes us by the hand, that leads us along the paths of reflection in search of meaning. In a world where everything is in turmoil, it is a guided tour on the way to the top. A light tone, full of anecdotes; an unpretentious book, between a novel and a philosophy lesson.


"This innovative book is nothing like a traditional business book. By its form and its light and pleasant reading style, it stands out in the world of boring business books that litter the shelves. The content, too, is far from those same books that are so quick to deliver miracle solutions for the future manager in search of certainty. The take-home message here is much more subtle and intelligent, guiding the reader on a journey full of questions to discover his own truth. Sometimes innovation is just common sense. Well, this book innovates. And above all, it indicates a new way of thinking, which will accompany the course of a leader for a long time... "


"There is depth and density to the author's light-hearted discussions, whose bantering skepticism subtly masks an experience laundered under the harness of a high-flying daily practice."


"Very pleasant. Syncopated, bouncy dialogues, provoking the awakening. Interspersed with small notes that lend a rhythm, allow you to breathe and connect to the concrete, to the ground. Short sentences, simple past tense, choice of evocative words. The epilogue contains more narrative. It is as successful as the dialogues.

According to one of the readers of the manuscript, this writing is an ULO - an unidentified literary object (sic). It mixes genres by incorporating theory and autobiography in a plural form and a style between the script and the treatise.

It is true that the book is neither didactic nor philosophical.

Nor is it the product of the confessions of a leading authority on the subject. It gives no lessons. There are no tools. It avoids any injunction (almost).

If he questions beliefs and convictions, it is to better prove that they have made us forget the meaning. This meaning, or sense, that every leader is supposed to give to the work and to the company he leads.

This sense that is so commonly invoked without measuring all the meaning. Nor all the senses.

This broad-spectrum sense that goes, for example, from common sense to sense of responsibility.